Well, things that I have to talk about it,drawing is something I love, I do since I was 10 years, it all started when I started watching those Japanese drawings the “anime” then I started to practice a Lot, every day, I think the best things for a person who wants to learn to draw is to practice, practice above all, because without practice you Won’t develop your skills and it’s not good you read thousands of books that teach step by step how to draw, you’ve got to practice, I design about many years, now I’m 21 and I intend to improve a lot for me to continue with this, now it’s nothing professional is just a hobby that I created and I do not intend to turn this into something professional. Particularly I like drawing manga (although that was my first style) but today I’m trying to learn Comic (HQ), I think an incredible style, also always wanted to learn to draw people, but even real people, like you catch a person real and play it on a sheet of paper. I created this blog to show my work to people of all countries through the internet, and I hope you enjoy it.